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Brighter Food - Brighter Life

When Magic Happens

What happens when you take someone who has dedicated her life to improving the lives of others, and you introduce her to a renowned Executive Chef who believes in the healing power of food? Pure magic.

Add to the story a sister who believes in the dreams of her youngest sibling and a husband who supports every dream and endeavor with unwavering confidence and you get an industry disrupting company called Copow!

Copow is driven from a passion to change lives, and using food as the vessel. From the time Copow wasn't even Copow, but merely an idea floating around in my mind, the sole purpose was to help people create their best life. I understand the only way to live fully is to nourish our bodies. I have a saying that your body houses your mind and spirit; neither can soar to the fullest without a body which allows it all to happen.

Over the past 5 years, this idea has slowly transformed into a company built on passion, dedication, hard-work and the value of every person on earth. We believe in the power of every individual and the mark we can all leave on this world, if we are living our best lives. What we put into our bodies is the building block of life. Earth has been providing these foods since the beginning of time but the beauty of real food has been lost to massive food manufacturing, dogmatic dieting and busy lives. We are here to change all of that and bring people back to the basics of food.

When people ask me what Copow is, I have a tough time answering because calling us a "meal company" doesn't do it justice. We are in the business of helping people live a brighter life by eating brighter foods. Delicious food that makes you happy, keeps your energized and gives you the freedom to spend your time doing what you love most.

Watch out world....Copow is here to change the way you think about food!

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