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Brighter Food - Brighter Life
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What does cōpow mean?

Colorful + Powerful = Cōpow!

Food is the source of life. In order to live your best & brightest life, eat the best & brightest food.

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quality ingredients, quality life

Nature provides incredible ingredients year round. If it’s not in season, it’s not in our food. We use only organic produce, ethically raised animal proteins, local, small producer goods and never seed oils!

Meet our suppliers
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You eat, they eat

Everyone deserves to eat real food, not mass produced junk in a box. Through the Brighter Life Foundation, we donate a whole food meal for every meal we sell. You can feel good knowing that with every delicious bite you take, you are feeding someone in need.

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Be Good, Not Perfect

Diets don’t work, food you want to eat does. Our meals are perfectly balanced, craveably good and will help you eat right without even knowing it.

Our Philosophy

brighter food, brighter future

Our Neopow school lunchboxes and hot meals for home help our neo-phytes (aka next generation kiddos) learn that eating the foods they love can be healthy.

Kids Spring Lunchbox

It's Yum time!

Foods your kiddos will love and you don't have to make.

Kids Meals