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Our most common questions, answered.

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Common Questions

  • How many portions are each of your meals?

    Each meal is a single portion size. The meals fill you up, they average 14 ounces with at least 4-6 ounces of protein per meal.

  • Do I Choose My Meals Each Week?

    We will create your menu based on the preferences you choose in your account but you'll receive an email the week letting you know what coming so you can switch them out if you choose to.

  • What if I have a dietary preference?

    No problem! Just select your preferences when you customize your plan, and you’re all set. All of our meals are clearly labeled according to dietary preference, so if you’re unsure just refer to the easy icons.

  • How long are the meals good for?

    We use fresh, seasonal ingredients that are best on average within 7-10 days upon receiving them.

  • How do I heat up my meals?

    You put them right in the microwave or oven, it’s that easy.

  • When are my meals delivered?

    Just input your zip code to see your delivery day.

  • Can I freeze the meals?

    You can freeze most of the meals, but we don’t recommend freezing fresh salads and our non-heated meals as it can compromise taste.

  • Are the meals healthy?

    You betcha. Nature has always provided incredible, powerful food. Nature makes it good, and we just make it