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Brighter Food - Brighter Life

Quality Matters

Quality ingredients for a quality life.

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It's time to fix a broken system.

What we call the food industry in the U.S. is actually a manufactured product industry that's destroying our health and bankrupting our country. Stripping animals from the land, disrupting eco-systems, depleting the soil of essential nutrients, and damaging the environment, all in the name of profits is not sustainable.

While a lot of companies are claiming to be "green" and throwing around phrases like "zero emissions" or "carbon neutral" but doing very little to make an impact, we are actually doing what it takes to improve the health of people, and our planet. Sourcing from family owned producers who share our passion for quality food.

The problem is solvable but it's going to take each one of us doing our part to reverse course. Supporting local farmers, ensuring ethical treatment of animals, moderating consumption and returning to regenerative means of farming are necessary and we at cōpow are leading the charge.


Brighter Food, Brighter Life - Not Just for Humans

We believe every animal also deserves to live a life of peace and experience a humane death. We are all connected in an intricate cycle of nature, and animals are not ours to mistreat for the sake of profits and over consumption. Therefore, all of our animal based proteins are diligently sourced from farms we have thoroughly researched and visited.


Read the Back Label - We Have Nothing to Hide

You will never find seed oils, vegetable oils or refined sugars and flour in our meals. We EXCLUSIVELY use organic olive oil in all our dishes. And because Italy is the finest producer of olive oil, pasta, flour, vinegar and sea salt in the world, we import these goods from Italy. Our produce is organic and sourced locally when seasonally available.

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Quality Ingredients - Quality Life

Not only do our ingredients serve a greater purpose, they're the reason our food is so delicious!

  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Local
  • No seed oils, soybean oil, palm oil
  • GAP 1 or higher meat standards
  • No antibiotics, steroids or hormones - "Never Ever" standards